Leon Sikes - Managing Director

A top graduate of Virginia Institute of Technology, former member of Project Management Institute, 7 years of direct business education and counseling in a "Mentor – Protégé" program for entrepreneurs, former co-Chairman of the State of Virginia Business Advisory Council to U.S. Congress, recipient of numerous honors and awards for achievement from U.S. Majority Congressional Leader, CEOs of Fortune 200 corporations, CEOs of private enterprises.

A network and systems engineer by education, Mr. Sikes comes with over 18 years of progressive business, operations, and technology experience with a proven track record of designing and implementing cutting-edge technology networks, platforms, and solutions. A few past accomplishments include the design and implementation of the largest LAN and WAN for U.S. Goverment Agency in the mid 90s, the successful design and implementation of the Next Generation Networks for Nextel Communications and Cary International in late 90s and early 2000. In 2001, Mr. Sikes founded VizorNet Technologies, an Information and Network Security company, which included professional consulting services and the development of a state-of-art encryption technology product. In 2003, Mr. Sikes led the Nextel Communications’ Next Generation Wireless Broadband program.

Mr. Sikes technology experience includes telecommunication, wireless broadband applications and services, and network and information security platforms and solutions.
  World Bank and Inter-Development Bank experiences include projects in South America and the Caribbean Islands.  

For South America, Mr. Sikes developed the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) design and plan for Government of Guyana. The objective of the project was the establishment of an appropriate legal and regulatory framework, support for the use of ICT in the public sector, ICT human capital development, increased community outreach through telecenters, including the development of content to promote enhanced competitiveness by small and medium size enterprises, and finally, activities that will promote ICT exports.  

In the Caribbean Islands, Mr. Sikes developed the Information and Communication Technology design and plans for the Government of Jamaica. The project included the feasibility study for the preparation and implementation for the ICT Project that met the following objective of development of bidding documents for the community outreach component of the ICT Project.   

The purpose of this aspect of the consultancy was to design and implement a Management Information System capable of tracking project outputs and outcomes in a continual and cost-effective manner.   

The implementation of the ICT Project included the following elements:  Community Outreach;  E-export strategy; and Management Information Systems (MIS). 

The activities for creating the bidding documents under the Community Outreach Component included the following:  

1) Analysis the lessons learned from the UNDP and Jamaica Computer Society Telecenter Programs;

2) Analyze the Community Outreach Manual of Operation and provide detailed comments for improvements; 

3) Develop detailed bidding documents for the firm or the NGO that will implement the Community Outreach Component;

4) Draft the contract for the firm or NGO that will implement the Community Outreach Component;

5) Develop reporting and monitoring systems for this component.