Thomas Wanhoff - Director of Communications

Thomas Wanhoff, a German national, is an expert in combining the latest Web 2.0 technology with communication issues. He has worked as an editor for several German newspapers, then changed to the online department, where he set up the audio and video division for the popular German newspaper "Die Welt".

Furthermore, he was teaching podcasting at FH Darmstadt and translated and adapted the books "Podcasting for Dummies" and "Blogging for Dummies". He was also speaker at several high-level conferences like Münchener Medientage and IFA Berlin.

Thomas Wanhoff is well known in the German blogger community and is as well making a name in Asia, mainly since he was one of the Organizers of Barcamp Phnom Penh, an international Open IT-Conference.

At last he was hired as a Consultant for the major bookshop chain in Cambodia and as a Consultant for an intranet project for the Vietnamese company VinaCapital.

His specialized in consulting companies how they can use the latest IT-Tools like Intranet, Blogs, Twitter to improve their communications as well as their work flows. "Technology has to support you. That means also, you have to know, what kind of support you need. My understanding of consulting is to help companies to make clear what their needs are – with the main focus on communication."